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Ways of Learning


Word Smart

Verbal/Linguistic Intelligence

Word smarts (or linguistic intelligence) is the ability to use language effectively, whether orally or in writing. This includes the ability to manipulate the structure or syntax of language, the sounds of language, the meanings of words, and the practical uses of language.


Music Smart

Musical/Rhythmic Intelligence


​Music smarts (or musical intelligence) is the ability to perceive, discriminate, transform, and express musical forms. This includes being sensitive to rhythm, pitch, melody, and timbre of music.

Paint Colors

Art Smart

Visual/Spatial Intelligence

Picture smarts (or spatial intelligence) is the ability to perceive and depict the visual-spatial world accurately. This intelligence involves sensitivity to shape, line, color, form, and space and the relationships that exist between them. The kinds of processes used in this intelligence include the capacity to visualize and graphically represent ideas.

Children Playing

People Smart

Interpersonal Intelligence


People smarts (or interpersonal intelligence) is the ability to perceive and respond to the moods, intentions, and feelings of other people. This includes being sensitive to facial expressions, voice, and gestures and the ability to respond effectively to those cues.

Man Doing Pushup

Body Smart

Kinesthetic Intelligence

Body smarts (or bodily-kinesthetic intelligence) is the ability to use one’s hands and body to express ideas and feelings or to produce and transform objects. Body smarts are most often expressed in specific physical skills such as coordination, balance, dexterity, strength, flexibility, and speed. 

Numbers Game

Number Smart

Logical/Mathematical Intelligence

Logic smarts (or logical-mathematical intelligence) is the capacity to work with numbers and to reason well. This includes discerning logical patterns or relationships and efficiently categorizing, classifying, and calculating information and data.

Fern leaf

Nature Smart

Naturalist Intelligence

​Nature smarts (or naturalistic intelligence) is the ability to know about and relate well to one’s natural surroundings. This includes having a greater sensitivity to nature and one’s place within it, being able to nurture and grow things, and easily caring for and interacting with animals.


Self Smart

Intrapersonal Intelligence

​Self smarts (or intrapersonal intelligence) is the ability to know oneself and to act on the basis of this self-knowledge. This includes having an accurate picture of oneself—an awareness of one’s inner moods, intentions, motivations, temperaments, and desires.

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