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DragonFly Academy Therapeutic & Educational Services (DFA), a nonprofit operating as a microschool, serves all students through fostering/empowering neurodiversity with an evidence-based, integrative program in an environment cultivated to meet all learner’s needs.



Some learners are self-directed, others need to be moving while learning; some learners grow best exploring the outdoors, while others through engaging with music and art. We empower children to amplify their passions and practice learned skills with exploratory, evidence-based curriculum. Our safe, friendly and accepting environment fosters social and communication skills as well as self-knowledge and awareness. In addition, on site we offer clinical therapeutic services using an integrated model of behavioral and mental health services, as well as occupational and speech services.


We serve all types of learners, with an emphasis on advocating for individuals who identify as neurodiverse: as having unique ways of thinking, doing, being, and learning. All children deserve an empowering environment where they can feel safe to learn, develop, and thrive with their peers.

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